Alpaca & Muscovy

Cria Drop 2015, breach birth in Alpaca and Romanesco

well, time has flown and this time it has been a challenge that could end with an unhappy ending.

closely following a retained placenta we have had 4 more cria in close succession and one of them breach.

Anyone in farming knows this is serious for both mother and cria and we are on permanent watch as always for the first signs of infection … the good news is that both are currently alive and well and BEA from the Vet practice was sterling in the rain last Friday. when I put the blog up please do not read it if you are squeamish – you have been warned.

Shearing went well this week end and with the weather now torrential and windy, June 1st is showing how climate change can seriously affect herd management. some task getting 50 plus Alpaca into the barns on Saturday and the lads were great, hubby helped up and down with hurdles but more on the shearing another day. Fab fleeces. Thanks to ShearCo for another great job.

Meantime, someone asked me what my favourite vegetable was the other day and although nothing to do with Alpaca whatsoever (all photos will follow shortly on the above) I thought I would share it with you…

Romanescu. Simples. Fantastic colour, nutty cabbage like taste, easy to cook in 2 minutes flat and looks great on a plate.

Romenescu 3 web

Romenescu 2 web

Romenescu 1 web