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British Alpaca Society National Silver Sponsors – Show next week end

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I just want to thank the Team at the British Alpaca Society National 2016 show this year for being so patient with us… why?

Kensmyth are Silver Sponsors (as per last year) but have yet to actually make it to the National with our stand due to “things that happen the weeks before”.
No, we do not exhibit our Alpaca (we rely on experience and fibre stats to show us we are on track with our genetics) but we have booked tickets to the gala dinner, booked into a hotel and hoping to get there this year… subject to University interviews in the preceding days… we will get there this year somehow!
With a team in place to care for the Alpaca at home and farm, all should be well despite Mothers Day and other “things” which happen to the best of us!
It is difficult to do the management of a show as big as this and organisation of space is key – so I want to thank those involved with organisation as it has been especially challenging this year and wish all an immensely successful show regardless.
Bring it on!
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