Alpaca & Muscovy

Alpaca worsted chocolate brown yarn back from the Natural Fibre Company

No point saying crazy busy – it just is! Cria being born all the time now and lambivac for those old enough, husbandry to keep on top off as well as farm visits!

Our new Testimonials on the homepage is just a small selection of visitors to Kensmyth who have been inspired by our Alpaca!

We have some gorgeous colours this year and our second lot of Alpaca Yarn is back from the mill which once again we are delighted with. Two down, two to go and we have some exciting news ahead with that. We have used The Natural Fibre company since 2008 and are always delighted with the end result.  Few realise that if you do not do the work at the outset then what you get back is rubbish. You need to first be producing decent fleece, then once shorn you need to remove all the legs, neck, belly, tail etc and only send to the mill the best of the blanket for yarn you want to represent the quality of your home produced products.  So not worry, the other parts can be used for other homemade Alpaca products but NOT for your best yarn.

Our latest black/brown mix is outstanding and we already have orders for 5 mens jumpers in it!