Alpaca & Muscovy

Alpaca Walking, husbandry courses, training at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

I have received far more calls since Schools were shut on Friday for Alpaca walking, husbandry courses, training etc that are always booked long in advance here anyway. I am struggling to understand folk who think that amidst a UK shut down Pandemic they can just book an Alpaca Walk for their family as if nothing is amiss!!

We have already notified booked clients but this is a polite notice to say:

Kensmyth is currently closed for all Alpaca walking, husbandry courses, training courses, Club visits, Alpaca experiences and any other event that we normally take bookings for here on site.

Kensmyth also advise that we will not be giving any “Alpaca talks” at any off site meetings until this Pandemic is truly over.

We are taking bookings as usual but only on the basis of absolutely NO GUARANTEE of dates for this year on the basis that these will ONLY go ahead once the Pandemic is truly over and it is safe to do so and AFTER all other clients already booked have been fulfilled.

Thank you for your understanding at this tragic time.