Alpaca & Muscovy

Putting the boot in?

I have heard and read some hilarious things this week that have had me crying with laughter. Some people just do not realise how some things they do simply cause riots of laughter – when they are trying so hard to be serious!

Anyway, it reminded me to ask of my readers if anyone else has issues with Aigle boots?

I love these boots but they are well over £100 to buy and you can see that my last pair “went” very quickly because you can see from the toes that the boots were not very old. I am waiting to see if Aigle will refund me – their policy is to send it back for review and in the meantime you have to buy another pair!

I am afraid Wellies are an essential part of daily farming and the elevated boot protects your instep so cheap boots only give backache in the long run… your thoughts?