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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Frost what frost?

sooo much going on here I am so far behind on blogging it is untrue – sincere apologies!

We have had some amazing weather in the past week with 25 degrees followed by a frost followed by torrential rain and now just wet!

The pacas were all in the barns on the zero temperatures and so mucking out to the fore but the scene outside whilst they were in was quite beautiful…


and the sunrise that day was stunning….



crock pot weather

Well with Bonfire night tomorrow, the weather is certainly playing its part. We are set for zero tonight and that’s pretty amazing after the soaring temperatures of last week.

Meantime, the lovely orchid purchased by our visitors to say thank you looked fantastic this morning looking out of the window…

orchid shot from window

and its definitely crack out the Crock Pot weather!


ALPACA CUSHIONS – November, November 2014

Well its November and October went out like a lamb with November 1st giving us 6mm plus of rain overnight. here comes the mud and out goes the sunshine?

We do get some lovely Thank You gifts from visitors and we received a lovely Orchid from one group visiting in Half term which is beautiful. We also get some lovely notes and cards from visiting children. With the Activity Packs sold and selling like hot cakes, some of the pictures will be displayed soon but I am so behind on blogging!

meantime, a lovely photo from a client sent to us of the ALPACA CUSHIONS at her home.

scatter cushions