Alpaca & Muscovy

Winter is coming – Cracking big Alpaca at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

That time again ahead of Winter to gradually weigh the whole herd, especially the Cria. We wean at 6 months or half adult bodyweight whichever is the sooner and when appropriate. As our Alpaca are the larger heavier kind it means heavier cria weights before weaning – makes sense!

it is sooooo important to weigh each Alpaca and each cria at the outset so you can see if any are losing weight – never rely on body scoring alone. And… although obvious… always weigh when dry!

Happy to say no adult here weighs less than the one shown at 98.8kg and shes a lighweight compared to ourĀ  heaviest at 131kg.

Cria weights with no one due for weaning just yet and all well, happy and had their 2nd ADE of this winter – marvellous.

Winter is coming – be prepared for it.