Alpaca & Muscovy

when to shear and what temperatures follows in … June?

Well annual shearing took place – as it always does – and it was all hands to the deck. Folk often ask if it is stressful for the Alpaca, especially the pregnant mums… my answer is simple.  Not in my experience of the past 8 years!!

The only Alpaca that make a bit of a fuss and not always are the previous years cria – coming up to yearlings at that point. The others know the blessed relief of the heavy fleece coming off – in some cases 4kg plus – but one always has to be mindful of the weather conditions that immediately follow shearing.

Too cold and they will die of hypothermia, too hot and they can literally burn.

This year shearing was completed in sunshine but rain, cold and wind followed so great care was taken to keep everyone warm… lets remember those hot days shall we?

What a majestic legacy shorn WEBbeautiful creature the Alpaca is shorn or unshorn!