Alpaca & Muscovy

Valentines lovers get their walk at last in stunning sunshine

With Valentines day bringing weather no sensible Alpaca would want to be seen outside in, our walkers came finally on Saturday – what a lovely couple of newly weds and hilarious time we had.

The size of our yearlings and two year olds, let alone the adults,  took them totally by surprise as did our stunning fleeces and depth of staple and uniformity of our Alpaca. Crimp was just the icing on the cake to someone who has never seen inside an Alpaca fleece – taking them totally by surprise.

We explored the farm together and a great time was had by all but showing visitors how to find the secret hidden under the fleece still brings a smile of delight even to me after all this time… see for yourself…

Even the Alpaca wanted to see the brightness and fineness in this one !