Alpaca & Muscovy

time to say goodbye at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow to some friends

“for everything there is a season” – we all know the famous quotation but I have to say that sometimes saying goodbye to livestock is very hard. Although I am pretty tough as a Farmer and very practical in land management, having the Rare Breed Sheep for a year to improve the land and then selling them was pretty tough – they had done their job very well though and taught me a few things about Rare Breed Sheep along the way.


we try to be as “green” as possible here at Kensmyth – so natural fertiliser is always best but we have exciting things ahead for our Alpaca farm (yes we will be introducing some new camelids soon) and the sheep had done their job. so it was time for them to move on and for Kensmyth to be back to just Camelids once again – the focus of our business and the delight for our visitors. The Wensleydales are real characters and I would recommend them to anyone who likes a big solid sheep. We will have them again.

We had great fun with them, some cracking lambs which will hopefully be shown under our prefix as they are all registered. They have gone to a lovely home as a complete herd – MV Accredited and with genetics for years to come for their new breeder. We shall miss their vocals for sure!