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The Tunnel Inn at Coates gets our vote as fab Pub

it is not very often I will write about Pubs because everyone has their own opinion on what is great food these days. With lads all topping between 6ft 2 and 6ft 6 inches – yes I did say 6ft 6″, we are not really into teeny weeny portions at very high prices. In addition, as a farming family we also like the food to be cooked naturally and not the “microwave mass” type of restaurants that sadly so many Pubs have become.

To this end, although we do not go out often, we have really enjoyed three “Pubs” this year for food with great service, the Green Dragon (mentioned on a previous blog), our local The Greyhound at Siddington and just recently we have rediscovered The Tunnel Inn at Coates.

The Pubs in South Cerney are great and are all very different but we like to travel just a little further and our favourite this year for the best service we have experienced to date has to be…

the Tunnel Inn at Coates.

You need to check what is on as they have different events and it is a windy road off the beaten track but it is a rare treat and to see horse riders dismounting outside and sitting at the tables, dog walkers having a pint and lunch is a step back in time and savoured.

portions are great and prices are good, better still they have an excellent Chardonnay…

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