Alpaca & Muscovy

STOP and think where it will land STOP releasing Balloons – save livestock

some of my nearest and dearest friends and family will know that I am disgusted at the moment by the actions of some walkers and of some people who just don’t think about what they are doing and its consequences.

Its birthing season for all farmers and we are out 24/7 caring for our livestock but also having to watch out for the actions of some very irresponsible people.

This balloon along with its sentimental message was released into the air without a moments thought of where it might land – IN MY FIELD and wrapped itself in the wind around the leg of an Alpaca.

luckily I found him at 6 am and it hadn’t been for long but it could have been so much worse – strangled or swallowed.. THINK before you release balloons into the air – where do you think they might land? it could be on the windscreen of your car as you are driving along let alone in a field STOP AND THINK PLEASE