Alpaca & Muscovy

stark warning to all from Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

this is not an Alpaca blog but a Farmer blog per se. I have had to catch up because I have had issues to deal with and one of them was suspected Breast Cancer. I would urge anyone who feels a lump or has pain in their breasts to go to the Doctor immediately. I did because it hurt and I check regularly but many don’t… I was put on antibiotics as suspected Mastitis as a precaution (yep even at my age apparently and not caught from the sheep lol) and immediately sent for the appropriate mammary inspections. Really great NHS staff at Swindon Hospital, the Doctor giving permission for me to take a shot of the offending boob even. I am currently under observation but hopefully in the clear this time but being monitored… Please, if in doubt, GO TO THE DOCTOR.