Alpaca & Muscovy

racing pigeon and racing time

well 5 am is the only time I have found to blog! I had an email asking if all was well because I had not blogged in such a long time – silence is not always bad news – we are just busy – crazy busy!

We have had births, husbandry, visitors and all getting ready for some exciting stuff happening at Kensmyth.

Getting the ground ready for new cria, paddock rotation – topping in fields not used and getting ready for shearing. few realise the preparation required in getting some 50 alpaca in separate age, sex and pregnancy groups in overnight to keep them dry for the shearers is a mammoth organizational task… and the weather does not look great so aftercare keeping them warm is critical.

Cria are doing well and clocked in at 23kg and 11kg respectively this week end so growing well – piccies to follow.

We had a crazy birth on Saturday with a female a fraction under 12 months gestation who has a heavy fleece and is a small girl so that was hectic too – bless. piccies to follow.

Meantime we have been adopted! yes, a racing pigeon again. I am not sure if it is the same one from our other farm it would be amazing if it is. stunning colouration and two tags.