Alpaca & Muscovy

Pride – first Registered Wensleydales at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Having bred Pedigree livestock all my life (even hamsters when I was little) and having helped pull out my first foal aged 7 years – breeding Alpaca has always given a sense of achievement with every new birth and new registration – we have bred over 50 cria now and in 2018 reach 10 years of breeding Alpaca – flying in the face of adversity when so many have given up.

But when I decided to add a handful of Rare Breed Wensleydales and had the “lambing baptism of fire” a while back, I was reminded of that sense of pride you get … when you register your first progeny for the very first time…

The purebred Wensleydale Register and Kensmyth first Blacks and Whites are added!

and yes – the lambs have been tagged with EIDs in accordance with all rules – just as Alpaca are!