Alpaca & Muscovy

One instinctively knows when something is right, Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

most readers following this will know that Colour predictions in horses was a speciality of mine, even getting down to white socks and blazes!

Well, Alpaca colour predictions are more “random” because the interpretations of colour in people who register their Alpaca is different and often patches are forgotten because they are “allowed” if the blanket is one solid colour in the fleece of an Alpaca.

So when Blogging about mating last year, I put on there that I had experimented this year with some and that I was hoping for some “secrets too”.

Well, about 3 am today a female whom I had waited a long time for (home bred) gave birth to what I had really been hoping for. Several weeks late of course and a Maiden but 4 years wait was totally worth it for the gorgeous boy she produced for us.

White fleeces on large Alpaca are our speciality but we do not venture to compete with the Black Breeders of the Alpaca industry, rather we reproduce what we know IS our speciality – top fleeces from top Alpaca that are large and so the fleeces can do so much.

One Alpaca was mated (one year) and gave birth to a white daughter which we waited to mate (two years more) and her gestation ended today (one year) so a total of 4 years waiting for this boy – our MINI ME!

Most Alpaca breeders would not jump for joy at his production because although SPOTTY he is also deemed a Fancy or Multi in the Alpaca world BUT the fleece on him is exceptional as is his mothers (white) and Grandmothers (same colour)

Here is the Grandmother at pre shearing with her obviously solid white cria and then post shearing showing her fab fleece:

and here is her SOLID WHITE daughter with our best ever prediction today.

How did I manage that folks… now THAT would be telling!!

he even has his Grandmums spots – MARVELLOUS