Alpaca & Muscovy

Natures free food is the humerous side to farming!

This is is the fruitful month – literally. with Blackberries just bursting and begging to be picked and apples needing off the trees, who am I to turn “free food” down?

apples-all-together apples-2


BUT… I did go online and get myself a little “helper”


which, after a few interesting mistakes


did the job for me pretty much… bagged tagged and into the freezer


pity it doesn’t make the pastry, pies or crumbles though!

for those of you wondering what “is wrong” is that the little butterfly nut needed adjusting to make the peeling thinner but I thought it was a good idea to show it in the “wrong” position!! once adjusted this little beauty peels, slices and cores – you just have to stand up and feed the apples on tightly enough for it to do its job!