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Must See Films recommended by Kensmyth LOL

I have been absent and I apologise but its crazy times here and unfortunately several friends and close persons are extremely unwell at the moment so bear with us as we catch up on Kensmyth. Meantime, I have been asked “what happened to your film recommendations you used to do?” well – I haven’t watched or read much lately other than biological or veterinary BUT I can tell you that :

The Little Drummer Girl was a good watch on BBC 1

The Informer was clever but you have to concentrate

Mamma Mia 2 – was not what I expected and you definitely need to concentrate…

Les Miserables – yes I finally got round to seeing it – is marvellous and wish I had seen it long ago when told to!

Jurassic World was totally different to how I expected and…

Mowgli on Netflix – my opinion but DO NOT let younger children watch it even though it says you can – nightmare!


I STILL haven’t been brave enough to watch War Horse.

back to you on that one!