Alpaca & Muscovy

Make February matter because it does…

As I listened to the rain last night and pondered drainage methods, ground poaching and how much more rain would fall before the dry weather would come, I realised it was February tomorrow. I thought about all the people who are getting so caught up in the Brexit and Trump issues and forgetting how much their own lives are passing by… so I wrote a poem this morning on 1st February to remind us all to enjoy what nature and life gives us naturally. enjoy. Here at Kensmyth we live for every moment .

2017 came in with a blast and a roar

Wet, mizzy January we have now shown the door

Did you achieve anything in it? Or did you just moan?

Did you just sit warm and cosy in your little home?

Life is for living and making things matter

Time for friends of course but not all for natter

Take up the reins and show February the way

Waste not one minute, one hour or one day

Welcome your friends, new friends, nature, your life

Don’t get bogged down with others strife

Walk in the woods, breathe some fresh air

Show February it matters and that you care

The months pass too quickly and time passes you by

All of a sudden a loved one will die

Today is the start of a new month in a new year

Somebody somewhere will lose someone dear

If it is to be you and you will never know

Make sure that for each day you have had something to show

Something to live for, something to do and to say

And that you do not let February pass the same way.


Helen Kendall Smith