Alpaca & Muscovy

magic mushrooms and robot W H Smiths?

manic here as usual and half term family events very exciting, only one postponed because of the rain – not good showing round an alpaca farm in the rain because one should not open the fleece and they don’t like coming out of the shelters!

well with Halloween just tomorrow, what better subject to try the new iphone 4gs on – than some field mushrooms in the wee early hours with dew on them?

Sure, the iphone 6 is out but my last phone lasted four years and this one should too, well unless they stop doing updates for it that is.

Talking about updates – I went into W H Smiths today to get a new diary. We have so many bookings for next year already and I just do not want to do it on computer. little writing book old fashioned type of person I am – Dinosaur I think they call me!

Anyway, I went to pay for the new diary and the lady told me to put my ten pound note into the machine. It promptly spat it out again prompting me to ask what would happen to my purchase if the cashier were no longer there. Same thing in the bank… no wonder there are so many job losses. Change is good but to lose the human friendly touch is not so good.

Moving on. the iphone. I thought these mushroom and toadstool shots rather good for that time in the morning… no fairies underneath them though!

mushroom1 oct 2014

mushroom 6 oct 2014


mushroom 5 oct 2014


mushroom 3 oct 2014

mushroom 2 oct 2014

I thought they were pretty good for a mobile phone camera!