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Love, pain and Flat Coated Retrievers – in peace at Kensmyth

Some blogs maybe should be forgotten about and not repeated – especially in view of new life. In this case, we have a new beautiful hefty 40kg dog whom we have now had 18 months. However, sadly just a short while ago was the 2 year mark of losing our beloved Flat Coated Retriever here at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow. Most of you know she had a nasal tumour and was put to sleep before she was 8 years old.

She was a beautiful dog and where there is love in the world, there is always pain. not just loss but at growing up and change. just look at the size of the boys now…

Everything changes in time. What amazes me is the most beautiful photo of her here was how the fields were when we got here to Clay Meadow… one forgets

and the saddest is that all the dogs in the photos also have died – God bless them all