Alpaca & Muscovy

Lifecycle of a Pine Cone at Kensmyth

sometimes when you see something for the last time, it reminds you of the circle of life. when we planted Scots Pine at Kensmyth in 2012 we had no idea how much pleasure each year they would give us. they were planted partially as a screen but more importantly because of the “yield” of cones which our Visitors enjoy. We give each year, to Groups who let small children paint spray them for Christmas decorations and they are used here for making animals (Alpaca you guessed) out of them.

Each year I watch their “fruit” grow and we teach children a little of the wonder of “Growing Green”…

Each year we see from the “catkin” look alikes to the cones which we pluck and store to dry and it gives us great pleasure to be able to “give” knowledge and wonder to small children and see them smile and learn at the same time. Bless – it is not just where your food comes from!