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Kensmyth – the TRUTH about farming… no fluffy pet stories here

sometimes I read blogs and I think “why did they put that up there” and it is usually a silly fluffy blog making the reader believe that Farming is all fun and furry pets… well life in Farming is just not like that.

there are times when even the best natured and tempered livestock are fab with humans but just don’t like each other … bit like human interaction really!

To wit – with the best will in the world, Rams just do not always “get on” despite best endeavours.

if you are squeamish, please do not read on…

having carefully put the Rams in close confinement for what felt an inordinate length of time last week where they could not “ram” each other, we eventually let them out onto small grazing areas.


Close confinement no problem as you saw in previous blog and small grass areas no problem. We then let them “go out” together.

Day one was fine and after much general Ram behaviour they settled down. However, as with all things in farming, things do not always go according to plan. Last week was a bit of a Ram nightmare as close observation revealed that there was more than a bit of banter going on between the three and after a battle I waded in and separated them.


you would think butter would not melt in their mouths when I did but the three were simply not going to “get on” together despite appearances!

two-rams-hurt    black-ram-hurt

As the weather is really beyond  “fly strike” and cold (although you can always be caught unawares by a mild few days) many would have left this to heal naturally but we took no risks …

Black Ram separated and treated then sprayed with antibiotic spray

black-ram-blue   black-ram-geoff

then silver screen, looking now like a true warrior… the person he is next to is 6ft 4″ out of interest if you are wondering how big Wensleydale rams are!

MOST IMPORTANT be on site, look after your livestock, act fast and no long term damage done!

NEEDLESS to say – the integration of the black and white ewes (more off picture) went perfectly and they are already a close bonded flock…


That’s farming for you!