Alpaca & Muscovy

Have you booked your shearers yet? Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

Those of us in the Alpaca world a long time know that shearers need to be booked a year in advance. Most receive phone calls and texts in January and February to book the larger herds which are done first. Unfortunately for those with only a few Alpaca they are then fitted in later in the year. Inclement weather and the inability to get your herd in for shearing means that shearers will not do it when it is wet – this has become an increasing welfare issue over time as many Alpaca have ended up unshorn. Our sheep are shorn separately.

We are delighted that we have always been able to have our herd shorn to the timings we prefer and although it is hectic – its always fun. A real family affair with many cakes eaten and beers had when it is finished.

I have been threatening Ollie with the shearers – who do you think needs it most?