Alpaca & Muscovy

Happy New Year 2019 to all from Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

It has been a challenging year in 2018 for us here at Kensmyth Alpaca.

We have had some real tragedies with:

  • the loss of one of my (human) best friends in a Car Accident,
  • the loss of a favourite Alpaca to Uterine Torsion pregnant with a female cria 2 weeks before birthing,
  • my Fathers continuing ill health,
  • one of our close family diagnosed with a permanent life threatening illness
  • I was kicked chipping an ankle bone and requiring stitches (thanks Kirstie for helping me out) – funny how I never heard back once as to how I was from the Colts owner – which left me scarred for life with a wedge chunked out of the back of my ankle and a permanent limp,

  • an idiot (sorry but you were) reversed into my car on Christmas Eve

BUT  I am a positive person and we also have had:

phenomenal success with our Alpaca breeding colours and fantastic cria fleeces



wonderful returning and new clients and new friends made every time someone visited


Passed our Licencing (3 councils) for breeding with flying colours and great compliments in early November

safe (eventually) foaling of a colt and filly at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow for the first time


the assured pregnancy for 2019 of our beloved Draught mare at a mere 17.1hh (nearly 17.2 LOL


we have enjoyed good times, bad times, cried, laughed and at all times kept a sense of humour in farming…





so from all at Kensmyth, as it is now New Years Eve, all that remains is to say to everyone…

Happy New Year 2019 – we hope to see you soon and that it brings you all health, happiness and friendship