Alpaca & Muscovy

friends enjoy Alpaca, December at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow, Cirencester

I am often being asked in winter months if I do Alpaca walking and/or experiences for gifts. my reply is always the same, whenever I can, I will but I try to keep “time” for friends who have never held an Alpaca be they friends of my own or friends of groups who end up becoming friends… this December has been no exception and we have been rushed off our feet with requests to meet our Alpaca. You just have to brave the elements of course !

With wide open spaces here at Kensmyth, fenced with “see through” wire so that all can see and enjoy everything on show, we have had some great fun with our Stud Boys this December as they strut their stuff in the barns as newbie handlers learn to walk at the Alpaca slow pace (barns protecting feet from wet and cold) or outside with visitors – faces glowing with fresh air and happiness at meeting and walking with Alpaca for the very first time.

This is a “gift” that I never fail to take pleasure in giving… and the Alpaca queue up to take part in!