Alpaca & Muscovy

Fleece breeding at Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

Everybody knows at Kensmyth we breed for natural fleece. this means that pure natural fleece can be handmade into garments. But for us, the bigger Alpaca, the more the fleece and often, the more the trimming of the head is required.

Many readers will recall my stitches in my leg blog a while back and it is healing, slowly, but may thanks to Kirsty (our Shearer) for stepping in with the lads (mine) to assist on our second “head” shear of the year recently. We do this because otherwise, if left, these particular Alpaca will not be able to see anything at all – remember they see sideways having peripheral vision – long before official shearing time next year.

Peas in a pod, so proud of our breeding and fleece producing Alpaca… Kirsty can vouch for them LOL

oh – my heel is healing, thanks to all of those who ask, just taking a very long time as it was very deep… yes ouch and i walk very oddly – but you will never keep a proper farmer from working!