Alpaca & Muscovy

field preparation Alpaca husbandry

well we have spent the entire week end working flat out as usual.

with toenails, bodyscoring, barn clearing, spraying,

field shelter clearing, mowing the orchard (at last it was dry enough to get on it) and poovering.

I ache in parts of me I did not know even existed – must be that “over 50 feeling hahahaha”

my hands became a little green from removing the wet grass that became stuck in the shafts

BUT I have discovered the most amazing UDDER cream which fixes everything from rough hands to rough Alpaca teats!

some of you know I had a quick trip to A & E with my left hand this week so “my man poover” did some for me.

well – you didnt REALLY expect him to let me catch him on camera did you?

Second time in 6.5 years of Alpaca breeding but I was really grateful for the help and my hand is much better thanks.

soon the fields will be dry enough to top where they are being rested for cria due soon.

some lovely folk came to buy some of the Muscovy and are keen to have Alpaca – off to Hereford some went too.

Have a great week ahead in the sunshine. No more ADE for six months lets hope!