Alpaca & Muscovy

Feeding time for Alpaca – are they getting enough?

Here at Kensmyth we allow 3 feet per Alpaca to eat from at any trough. This is to ensure that each Alpaca can access food. Some Alpaca literally eat to live and stay slim (as some humans do) and some (rather more of them) live to eat and guzzle greedily which can lead to less strong characters not getting enough.

Watching your Alpaca eat from troughs where there is plenty of room ensure you “know” your characters and can address the issue accordingly – fat Alpaca are more likely to have birthing issues due to lack of space for the cria to grow.

With a nearly 12 month gestation – no one should encourage overfeeding of a single quadruped that guzzles BUT as Autumn descends, Alpaca must be fed regularly as weight loss at this time of year is difficult to recoup.

Watch your Alpaca, Hay should be sweet smelling and readily accessed, time for ADE too.

Alpaca should have access to shelter at all times – shade for the Summer, shelter for the Winter.

Nearly September 2017 – Bring it on!