Alpaca & Muscovy

Emergency measures in farming – thats a fact

Well we don’t “get it bad” in the South at all but if you think you want to be a farmer, look back at this week end and understand what “frozen” means. Not only were our troughs and water pipes frozen – necessitating the transportation of water by carrier to livestock in barns – it also meant our house was frozen. No water for face, teeth, shower, toilet, coffee – you name it. Three days of no water meant that and if you cannot cope with conditions like this – do not be a Farmer because livestock come first.

Hay bales and straw bales were used even inside the barns to shield from the snow blasting in from the East from the open fronts and snow surround – we worked all hours of the day and night to keep our livestock safe –

as for coffee for us? melted snow in a pan – Yup not joking… I really appreciate not only my neighbours but also how much we waste water and should not do now that we have had to carry every last drop for the past three days.

Thank goodness it has thawed out now and the refillable drinkers are working again!