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Does my Bum look big in this – Draught horse growing at Kensmyth

Everything is still growing here at Kensmyth despite the inclement weather – by this I mean the youngstock weaned or due for weaning and the expectant mums to be in 2019 of which there are rather a lot I must say – all species!

However, I was asked the other day what “croup high” and “bum high” meant in the horse world and to be honest, it is quite difficult to explain that an equine grows up one side then the other and levels out then does it all over again at the same time as lengthening in the body and maturing in the mind – so as I am forever with a camera of one description or another – here is one of Kensmyths rapidly growing Draught horse fillies who if you look closely has a raised rear end then levels out then raises again… and this is just over this past year AND they are not the fastest of growers. Don’t be fooled, she is 16.2hh now and will make a good 17.1hh plus. Bring them in for food – great time to get them used to noise etc even in the Summer.

so above in Summer – we have a clear height distinction between the wither and rump (if you like) despite lowered head eating…

and in the Autumn the rump is even higher clearly seen with head lowered and rug on it…

and here above just a few weeks ago you can see although resting a leg, levelled out again… ready for another growth spurt shortly – rug sizes also a great indicator as they go up in size too!

and if your youngsters don’t stand as quietly as this with their entire rugs on their headsĀ  for a photo moment – they haven’t been trained by me BUT please don’t try it yourself as most youngstock would not necessarily be so calm as mine are – it took time to get them like this!