Alpaca & Muscovy

Covid 19 – what will you remember? Kensmyth Alpaca, Clay Meadow

I was asked recently what I will remember most about the Covid 19 period. Well obviously the stress for others in the world, the deaths of those in our close knit family and horrific time but actually not seeing my parents, family  and friends falls pretty high on the list. Still in the vulnerable category despite not such a great distance away, visiting is still not frequent as it could be pre Covid 19.

Livestock difficulties, being unable to open to Visitors until 4th July, lack of any Covid 19 funding whatsoever from the Government for Farmers where others got up to £10k Grants FOC, there are many niggly little things to recall in times to come.

For me though, one of the things I noticed too was the freshness of the feel to the air and the land, the whiter blossom on the fruit trees, the fuller more exotic blooms and even now Sloes..

not to mention NO smell of McDonalds when visiting Tescos which is sadly back, as are the queues for it.. and the litter on the grass verges ..