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Cirencester Rare Breed Market – how well do you know your Breeds?

I am always behind with blogs because we are so busy with livestock care, field care and Visitors that I always do a massive update rather than daily – so some news items are a little while ago… this is one of them.

Many know that Cirencester has its own Agricultural Market at Driffield where livestock and poultry as well as farming equipment are sold on a regular basis. This is adjacent to the Countrywide store which is similar to the Mole Valley Farmer chain of stores, supplying most animal and farming items required for routine work. It is a very friendly clean, tidy well penned market with great Auction rings.

The Rare Breed sale is always exciting to attend (if no cria due) as one can see livestock of many breeds and types brought together in one place which is not often seen. I apologise but I do not look at the cattle as I have no interest in those (other than my friends Yaks and another friends Dexters of course) but the rest was fun – see how many different types of Sheep you can guess…

sheep-1 sheep-2 sheep-3jpg sheep-4 sheep-5 sheep-6 sheep-7 sheep-8

how are you doing so far?

sheep-9 sheep-10 sheep-12 sheep-13 sheep-14 sheep-15

and we must not forget the endearing Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs…

inevitable-pig-1 inevitable-pigs-2