Alpaca & Muscovy

Cirencester Corn Hall Exchange Marketing Alpaca

Well, Christmas is galloping my way and I am not sure I am going to catch it! Too many wet early mornings and very late check rounds and I succumbed to the dreaded cough lurgy cold for a while. Once clear – no need to share everything – I was off selling again at the Corn Hall Exchange in the Historic Town of Cirencester. Very pretty rooms and packing late at night on Friday for a 7 am unload makes it a long day. How exciting though – it only takes me an hour to set up the stall now. Far less to take down as I sold so much but more on that later… meantime the “set up”

another room, another hall…

cornhall setting up one

and where do we start…

cornhall setting up two

and then we are on our way to making a stand look nice…

cornhall setting up three

and folk are setting up round me too as it starts to take shape…

cornhall setting up four

and it is all coming together on two tables

cornhall setting up five

and the “front interest” takes shape…

cornhall setting up sixa


and finally a little bit of Christmas sparkle and we have a Kensmyth Alpaca stand!

cornhall setting up six