Alpaca & Muscovy

Care of expectant livestock in winter at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

with a gestation of 11.5 months plus and not weaning to at least 6 months, the female Alpaca is pregnant all the time with the new one due and the one at foot so great care is needed in feeding to ensure that all cope with changing temperatures as we approach winter.

sadly, few remember this applies to the equines too – most folk get sheep ready for tupping and flush them in preparation but not everyone remembers that the “lane munchers” and “paddock fertilisers” also require extra TLC when they are pregnant too. Even if in at night and out in the day, the gestation for equines is 11 months with them equably arriving early or going over too…

it doesn’t matter how big – feed according to size but make sure you feed your pregnant mares this winter