Alpaca & Muscovy

Buckham Fair – Martin Clunes and guess which dog breed day?

Well we have been around the countryside a little bit recently with the boys running the farm in our absence – thank you. An open invitation from many of our West Country friends is always an honour but we did actually haul ourselves the 5 hour journey (yes M4 traffic) down to Beaminster recently and during the course of our week end away -went to the Martin Clunes Buckham Fair.

Great day had by all with much to see and do for all – I have never seen so many dogs in one place – ever!

excellent stalls and food choices…

classic cars for the enthusiasts…

A big thank you to all the owners of the dogs who posed for me and especially to Frankie, Eddie, Cleo, Molly, Holly and Eddie – just a few of those I photographed!

Give you a clue I did NOT see an Afghan Hound or a Samoyed – how many of the Dog breeds can you get right?