Alpaca & Muscovy

Birthing season approaches at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

well as birthing season rapidly approaches, it was time to throw out old stock that has gone out of date. Some might call this wasteful but I know I would not want anyone using Lube that was two years out of date on my bits I can tell you! So all old birthing equipment safely disposed of and getting the birthing boxes ready for the coming season.

Colostrum – essential in the first 24 hours if cria or foals cannot or will not drink this essential from mum

Purple spray for umbilical cords – you can use Engymycin Spray, some use Iodine and you an also get a non coloured spray but Purple or Engymycin have always worked for me (if it aint broke why fix it?) and Iodine for the foals navels.

gloves – not to be used when entering an animal – clean hands and lubrication (Lube) for that but gloves do tend to prevent blue or purple fingernails when spraying navels and iodine stains yellow if you have not yet discovered this!

Teats – Alpaca cria have tiny mouths and lamb teats are way too big. don’t forget slit don’t take the top off or the flow of milk is too fast. obviously foals have bigger bottles and teats. The brand photographed fits most bottles

Kick Start – for newborns who need literally a “kick start” perhaps after a long labour

these are just a few of my essentials along with:

torch, scissors, sharp knife, clean dry towels, cria coats, prolapse kit, cling film, navel clamp, plastic bags for placentas, medical kit, rope, mobile phone, bucket

.. and that is just the start of getting myself ready for action

Bring it on!