Alpaca & Muscovy

Best friends stay all night at Kensmyth, Clay Meadow

We have been busy filming here again so apologies for not catching up with every phone call and email – the weather is sooo helpful!

Moving on, just a quick thank you to a friend who has helped me see a sick Alpaca through this evening. As I type it is heading towards midnight and there is a long night ahead yet for me even with the CCTV.

However, Alpaca friends share information and experiences and I would like to thank my friend again publicly tonight – she knows who she is, who gave up her Saturday night to talk me through a procedure whilst I was in the barn in the freezing cold when she could have been drinking wine and having fun.

Note to my friend – Alpaca now eating, drinking, chewing the cud and pooing happily!

Best friends who care about their livestock as much as you do are irreplaceable!