Alpaca & Muscovy

Alpaca Ivomec

wow – its May. Where did the first part of 2014 go?

our first female due to give birth on her 11.5 month last mating date is now two weeks overdue already and looks like the Michelin man! Bless!

its full on with spraying inbetween bouts of wet weather at the moment.

Few non farming folk realise that spraying cannot be done in the “too hot or too wet or too windy” phases of life. So trying to keep the nettles/thistles/buttercups to an acceptible or neglible level is even more difficult in the current weather conditions!

Bit like mating really – Alpaca dont when its too hot and slide off when its too wet!

likewise, the warm wet weather is bringing out the critters from midges to bumbles in force.

So IVOMEC jabs for the entire herd are a must – prevention rather than cure is the way forward sometimes when weather conditions are uncertain for a few weeks.

Galloping towards shearing now with the barns all clear for the girls

and hurdle pens ready for the boys!

my highlight this week was catching the cria in colour sequence when eating

with halter training and feet pick up training, spraying and strimming …

Strimming areas which need collecting with the G23 – not to be field tidy but because it will get in the soon to be shorn fleeces otherwise!

The funeral is next week and thank you to those of you writing in with your kind thoughts to the family.