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 Alpaca for sale. We have been breeding Alpaca since 2008; over a decade and at Kensmyth Stud here in the Cotswolds Water Parks, every Alpaca and every customer counts. Alpaca Fibre, Alpaca Therapy, Alpaca Walking, Alpaca Genetics, Alpaca breeding – we will help you.

 All of our Alpaca are microchipped, most are also ear tagged (some exceptions) and registered with the British Alpaca Society with whom we have been members since 2008.

We do not only “show what we want to sell” and are happy to show Alpaca of varying standards and prices.

One of our Stud Boys is homebred Kensmyth Bequest. His father is Cambridge Navigator (mated in 2010 to one of our girls with the original owner breeder) who sold to a different UK breeder for £75,000.00. With Peruvian Spartacus in the background… Australian genetics at their best.

Kensmyth are a totally closed, biosecure herd. This means we do not take outside matings from other Alpaca males, we do not show our Alpaca at shows and we do not Agist outside purchases.

We always have Alpaca of varying ages for sale and to suit most budgets. Remember you get what you pay for – if you are looking for breeding genetics in Alpaca likely to excel – call Kensmyth. Some our Foundation females stem from National Championship lines and have bred winners themselves.

Also, if you are getting ready for the lambing season – what about retired females/castrated males as FLOCK GUARDS to help reduce your lamb loss?

Alpaca currently for sale:

Four yearling girls: Dark Brown, Light Fawn, Dark Fawn, light brown all born 2020 with exceptional genetics

showing just two of these stunners with their outstanding fleeces:

Two non breeding females – white – please enquire

 Alpaca Welfare.

The welfare of our Alpaca is our paramount concern and we give each potential owner every support to ensure this happens. So we also ask many questions of you too – your facilities, acreage, experience, long term plans – everybody has to start somewhere!

All Kensmyth Clients have had and will continue to have:

  • telephone / hands on assistance and/or advice whenever required and possible.
  • free husbandry course with your initial purchase prior to collection of your Alpaca from us
  • Fully documented history of your chosen alpaca and its unique characteristics.
  • Free ongoing telephone husbandry advice and updates on new methods/products introduced at our stud.
Alpaca Care

At Kensmyth Stud, this is an ongoing evolving project requiring consistent attention and updating. We regularly share our thoughts and ideas with fellow Alpaca breeders and BAS.

We welcome European purchasers and have our own quarantine paddocks and barn area for export.

Alpaca Agistment