Alpaca & Muscovy

Alpaca agistment

If you would like to own Alpaca yourself but do not have your own land, Alpaca can live at Kensmyth once purchased for a monthly fee. This fee includes grass keep, feed, hay, all husbandry care but not insurance, vet bills or stud fees. Please note we only Agist Alpaca Bred and purchased from here and waiting on export – we do not buy in to sell on or take any outside Alpaca due to our high Biosecurity standards

Free scanning? Unlike many Alpaca Studs though, we do include scanning your Alpaca for pregnancy free of charge in our Agistment fees. Kensmyth Stud have their own BCF portable scanner – we want to be the first to know when our Alpaca are pregnant and so do our Clients!


Established since 2008, we designed this farm ourselves and have installed “X Fence” Badger Fencing around the entire perimeter of all paddocks our Alpaca graze, including the homestead. This is installed with 3ft 6″ plus “X Fence” underground and our fencing is 5ft plus “X Fence” above ground.

The health and safety of our herd is of paramount importance to us, to this end, all fields can be accessed via 6-8ft lanes which surround them.

When entering fields, everyone (visitor or not) has to walk through a footbath which is regularly replenished.

Feeding troughs are raised in both the fields and the barns and the drinking troughs are small, washed every other day and are self filling. Fresh water being essential for herd health.

Shows – we only enter box fleece shows where the Alpaca themselves do not visit.

Stud Services – we only provide in house Studs to in house Customers who have purchased from us and agist their Alpaca here. We do not provide any outside mating whatsoever. We do not have any outside studs visiting us and have not had outside bloodlines since 2013.

Our farm here is not accessed unless by appointment and the gates are always locked.

Kensmyth Alpaca Herd Health

All our Alpaca have their own health and movement records, are micro-chipped, ear tagged and are registered with the British Alpaca Society.

Our alpacas are faeces tested monthly here but twice per annum  by a Vet as a bare minimum in order to ensure that they are clear of parasites and/or disease which could affect their health. We test in house monthly.

Our paddocks are regularly poovered (faeces picked up) and we do not stock with more than 5 Alpaca per acre, rotating our Alpaca to clean pasture regularly.

In doing this through our vets, we have clear records of our excellent Alpaca health readily available.

Our Alpaca are wormed regularly, shorn annually, have their teeth done annually and are regularly body/condition scored. Cria are weighed at birth and monitored, we record all live cria births within the first month of life.

Adults are body/ condition scored and monitored during the year and weighed on our weighing platforms to ensure steady maintenance of body weights through the winter and no obesity through summer months.

Due to our lack of all year sunshine, Alpaca should be supplemented with vitamins either by injection or feed regimes. Vaccinations are an essential part of annual Alpaca husbandry. We give ADE Vitamin injections to all our Alpaca both Adult and Cria throughout the winter months.

The fleece contains little Lanolin  and therefore unused to the extreme wet of the British Isles, some form of shelter is essential for all Alpaca. All our Alpaca have a field shelter in their fields which easily accommodates the number of Alpaca in each field.

Alpaca are used to extreme hot and extreme cold… not wet and soggy. If you have clay or non free draining soil, it is an idea to give the Alpaca feet an opportunity to dry out by providing dry ground in wet weather. During long wet winters, we give our Alpaca a brief respite in our American type barns to give their feet a rest.

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