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Alpaca choke – feeding in winter – a word to the wise of caution

As the sensible amongst us increase feed ratios by need rather than greed in Alpaca, I am often shocked at the suggestions some make as to sugar content and sizing of pellets in some of major Alpaca manufactured feeds.

So I had a look for myself and was quite shocked to see that on several bags containing high sugar content and very large variants – there was zero warning for cria feeding.

whilst many feed soaked sugar beet in winter, especially to “poor doers” or aged Alpaca, one should be aware of choking hazards.


Alpaca can easily choke if fed too large a pellet. This is Adults let alone cria. Furthermore, large grain feeding can also cause abscess where it can get stuck in teeth/against jaw linings. it sounds bizarre but can, does and will happen.

you need to be diligent when looking at the size of the feed pellets you use.  check on the bag, if in doubt check with the person you bought the Alpaca from, your vet or another Alpaca breeder. Too many heads are never enough when it comes to feeding.

if in doubt – leave it out!

the small pellet shown in the top right of the  photo below is the size we feed to our Alpaca – the grains and larger pelleted food is a well known mix which I would never use.

see what you think…

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