Alpaca & Muscovy

All I want is .. Paxton AT25

well I have to tell my readers this story because unlike me they will probably find it funny.

We have automatic refill water drinkers for our livestock, simples yes? Yes it is. They work and are easily cleaned and  we clean and refill all the time. perfect. 

We needed some more.. so having bought them from Countrywide (no longer exists) we naturally went to Mole Valley in Cirencester, their replacement. Nope, none in stock. 

So we tried Mole Valley Newbury, Frome, finally hitting on some in Berkeley. About an hours drive each way. 

Meantime found some on the internet less expensive, perfect. Had them delivered by ever faithful Amazon and they arrived next day. Wrong ones sent.

Off Hubby went to Berkley and brought them back expecting to install. Nope, didnt fit. So hubby dutifully took back to local Mole Valley and also posted back the ones from Amazon.

Search started again.. are you getting the gist?

Found some on internet, tried to order, do not deliver to my area – really? Everyone else does?

Currently waiting to speak to Supplier on Monday.. meantime Shanks pony and buckets..

You can stop laughing now!