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Monthly Archives: April 2015

happy harrow birthday

well I did say I was miles behind on blogs. Easter meant working the fields when you can and a little bit of help from hubby on poovering too.

Must be great to live next to an Alpaca farm – our neighbours certainly seem to enjoy watching the Alpaca through the massive joint hedge. they certainly seem to be bringing their friends round to watch the new cria! Fab he is too and growing well.

my new harrow in the sunshine.


Happy Easter manic here

its been crazy here this week. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and comfort for our sad loss, the funeral is next week. It is a great pity that I missed the Futurity owing to a sad loss and the National due to a late cria but that is life in farming!

meantime Sliver Moon is doing well and the first Registered cria with the British Alpaca Society in the UK!

I have so much news to tell I am literally bursting, especially as it was my birthday a few days ago. photos of my gift to follow next post.

the weather has meant the ground was difficult to scarify/harrow so with a not really mended fractured finger, the tractor was out. for my birthday – ever practical not romantic but just needed, I had a tow along harrow. Yup – new gun with silencer at Christmas and harrow for my birthday, not your usual wine and perfume and chocolates for me!!

combined with my fertiliser machine I have been busy…

More cria due shortly and hay being munched as the grass is only just beginning to show.

I have just managed to finish my last 40kg – YES I really do mean 40kg… of skirting fleeces. boy it is is time consuming but we are ready to pack for the Activity packs and the rest is off to the Mill to join the batch already underway!

I always just manage to get it done before the next shear. so critical to get it to the mills to be turned into yarn for the Autumn collections.

Spring collection will be launched this week… with a twist.

Big thank you to all our models who have been working hard in the last few weeks on this one.

Back soon and Happy Easter.

Mcvitie Alpaca everywhere

wow and wow how time flies. Apologies to those who expected to see me at the Alpaca Futurity as Sponsor but an Uncle went into a coma on Friday night and died in the early hours of Saturday morning – so all week end plans changed as one would expect. The weather has been a challenge too in these stressful times but the cria is doing fine. Sliver Moon nickname “slivva”.

Well – Alpacas continue to grow in popularity and all over the world… did you see them on Countryfile?

well although this is posted on Aprils fool, it is a serious advert and to be shown today advertising McVities:

alpaca advert