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Alpaca shearing weather

well shearing is ahead in May and we are hoping for decent weather.

In 2009 we had to go out and buy coats in a hurry as this is what happened then…


“4th to 10th: The unsettled theme continued, with low pressure dominant, bringing windy conditions and frequent outbreaks or longer spells of rain. A set of fronts progressed southwards during the night of the 4th, but southern England stayed largely dry and clear with –1.0 °C recorded at Benson (Oxfordshire). Outbreaks of rain continued on the 5th, with strong gusty south-westerly winds, although bright or sunny spells developed further south.”


yes – that did read -1 degrees on 4th May 2009 … here’s what we did!

off to the start!

lets hope for better weather in May this year.