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Terms and Conditions

The Alpaca colours and ages- livestock shown on the website vary throughout the year due to evolving breeding plans and sales.  Kensmyth Stud is an Alpaca farm offering Alpaca experiences, to be able to see any other species of livestock on farm at any given time is not guaranteed at any time of the year whatsoever. Kensmyth has not had ducks on site at Clay Meadow since 2013 but the books are still available to purchase.

Alpaca Walking/ Experiences/Visits

Visits to Kensmyth Stud are booked are subject to a non refundable 10% booking fee. Cleared funds for the full amount of the visit are required one week prior to the day. We reserve the right to postpone if the weather is unsuitable for the safety and health of the Alpaca and visitors. We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave without refund at any point during their visit who exhibit undesirable behaviour on farm to others or to livestock.

Prices are per head plus VAT regardless of walking or just attending. All prices are subject to VAT.

Privacy Policy

Visitors to Kensmyth Stud may not write about or publish photographs taken on site in full or partial form in magazines, literature, on websites or any form of Social Media without prior approval. Approval has never been withheld to date since 2008 and likewise to us it has not been withheld – see Marketing!


Kensmyth Stud always ask for the right* to photograph Visiting groups / individuals on site for marketing purposes, literature and website publication. *Please state when booking if you do not want to be photographed and/or any part of your visit used for marketing purposes. Marketing purposes includes photography, references and videos for example and all forms of Social Media. In case you forget at booking, we always ask when you arrive on site. Posing for photographs is deemed full acceptance of this right.

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