Alpaca & Muscovy

Muscovy Duck

Kensmyth Stud has been breeding Muscovy since 2008 but no longer keep any Muscovy at Clay Meadow where the Alpaca are. Our birds were relocated in 2013.

Muscovy Ducks are a very versatile breed. The female Muscovy is usually very broody and can hatch as many as 24 ducklings at a time.

Muscovy ducks take 36 days to hatch unlike other Waterfowl and the ducklings can take up to three days to finish hatching.

Muscovy require fresh water daily that they can both drink and bathe in, so that they can waterproof themselves continually, especially if you are unable to provide a fresh water pond, river or other facility for them.

Muscovy males are very sexually active, mating on land and in water and will┬ámate or “tread” the female continually if permitted. Thus a trio of one Drake and two females is always preferable or indeed three or four ducks to one male.

Muscovy are the only duck in the world who do not quack and they greet you by wagging their tails and giving a small hissing noise.

Muscovy originate from South America and are a roosting duck with long claws for perching on logs or in trees.

Muscovy come in numerous colours but the “farmyard” black and white is still the firm favourite.

Chocolate Muscovy were imported from America and tend to be larger with larger eggs. Show quality Chocolate Muscovy will usually have a white symmetrical tip on either wing underneath.


Muscovy Mansion