Alpaca & Muscovy

sunny days, Newlands and Lock House – no near neighbours!


well it has been good weather this week and a bit stressful to say the least. My oven packed in. yup no oven all week as no time to sort.

However, this week end we managed one meal outside together between Alpaca husbandry and farm work. ADE jabs this week too.

With Newlands to the right a whole acre paddock away behind a shared tree belt – you can just see the white house peeping behind the trees in the distance. Photo taken this week end in April …so of course Newlands is totally obscured from us in the summer when the trees are in full foliage. A Doctor and his wife live there.


… and Lock House some 200 metres away to the left … it was nice to sit down.

Lock House is the old Canal Keepers cottage, extended with a flat roof. You can see from the photo it is immediately adjacent to the Canal Towpath Public Right of Way and is situated on the Cirencester Road.  Pretty old house; you can see it on a drive by.


nice to see some really blue sky.