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Muscovy Ducks Grass eating Omega 3!!

Quiet, gentle birds, easily maintained - great bug eaters,

  • Need water facilities for weatherproofing, Excellent Mothers, Intelligent, responsive, friendly greetings from a Muscovy. Muscovy Can fly if Fox comes. Sociable with other domestic pets. Unique “rap” greeting to each other. Drakes can live happily as a social group. Can be driven when needing to move. Can come to call if named as ducklings or regularly. Can be trained to “nest” in certain areas. Beautiful to all who take the time to get to know them. Large excellent eggs. Slow moving so can catch!

Muscovy Ducks For Sale We always have young ducks, drakes in most colours and breeding pairs for sale. Muscovy black, Muscovy Lavender, Muscovy mixed colours Pied Muscovy Muscovy are sometimes called Muscovey or Muscovie but the Latin name is Cairina Moschata

Muscovy Bibliography/Refs

This Muscovy site is based entirely upon our own experience and that of other Muscovy Duck Breeders who have contributed to its content. The content is therefore the opinion of the writer only. Refs used only to historical facts – Google, British Wildfowl Association and Cotswold Poultry club.

Muscovy Photographs
Please note that all photographs on this site are taken by ourselves, copyrighted to Kensmyth Stud and are of just a few of our own Muscovy unless stated otherwise.

Drakes can often live happily together and are great companions - see below


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