Alpaca & Muscovy

Helen Kendall Smith

Breakfast at Kensmyth with blackberries and welcome to Spring

Beautiful morning here at Kensmyth Alpaca farm. Having planted some 90 plus fruit trees when we first came in 2012, we are reaping the benefits of this already… but one of the beauties here are the established Blackberry yields which with a little effort and freezing can be enjoyed at any time…

22 3 breakfast web


a little cereal and a generous helping of handpicked, field grown fresh frozen blackberries to welcome Spring … not long before the 2016 cria are due too…but harrowing and fertilizing and spraying comes first and that is just the fields..


cria haltering and blue sky

cria halter training continues as the super cria drop will be sold shortly. amazing fleeces and just waiting on fleece stats before offering some great genetics for sale…

haltered cria 2      brown cria


jacob halter training         blue sky web

guess where we are right now

well crazy busy is not the word as we have been zooming around taking Mitchell to University interviews. He has been offered the places he wanted which is fantastic news well done Mitchell – whilst the Alpaca have been cared for at home and enjoyed a brief sunny respite from the wet weather, see if you can guess where we have been…

jamaica inn web falmouth web

jamaica inn barrell

British Alpaca Society National Show 2016

crazy busy here and going in reverse for events of past few weeks but lets start with last week end…

just a few of the photos taken in Telford, Shropshire at the BAS National…

the fleece in the bubble that won and others on display…

bubble fleece bas     bas fleece show

fleece demonstrations …

bas national fleece demo

I bought a hat too….

hats bas

lots of products made from Alpaca in all shapes and sizes…

bas honeyfields 2           bas honeyfields 1

and products for the Alpaca too – great idea for making dusty hay less dusty….

haygain bas

plenty of variety in the classes…

bas national suri web      bas national 4

and Alpaca as far as the room stretched…

bas national suris    bas national alpaca

and a few for sale too… that’s the chap on the left for sale!

bas national 3 steve


good fun day out – pity it was so cold and held on Mothers Day.




British Alpaca Society National Silver Sponsors – Show next week end

national BAS web

I just want to thank the Team at the British Alpaca Society National 2016 show this year for being so patient with us… why?

Kensmyth are Silver Sponsors (as per last year) but have yet to actually make it to the National with our stand due to “things that happen the weeks before”.
No, we do not exhibit our Alpaca (we rely on experience and fibre stats to show us we are on track with our genetics) but we have booked tickets to the gala dinner, booked into a hotel and hoping to get there this year… subject to University interviews in the preceding days… we will get there this year somehow!
With a team in place to care for the Alpaca at home and farm, all should be well despite Mothers Day and other “things” which happen to the best of us!
It is difficult to do the management of a show as big as this and organisation of space is key – so I want to thank those involved with organisation as it has been especially challenging this year and wish all an immensely successful show regardless.
Bring it on!
cria 2 web

Work experience at Kensmyth half term 2016

with half term gone and Easter looming, its all systems go to be ready. we have had numerous work experience students and Vet students here but this half term it was Jacobs turn. He really enjoyed learning about the Alpaca and our exceptional Biosecurity. It is easy to explain how the land is grazed with the 8ft lanes between the paddocks keeping the groups separate. these are ONLY grazed by the adjacent field ever and only when the paddock next to it is empty and being rested. our rotation system is fun and the cria tucked in when Jacob let them straight onto the “lane”

jacob 2        jacob web 1

well done Jacob and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Cirencester Corn Hall Kensmyth busy busy busy

Well its crazy manic as usual and I have been accused of being quiet on the Kensmyth blog. well, I can only say that we have been busy with new Alpaca product lines, our stand at the Corn Hall and half term…

cornhall feb web 2

the day before Valentines is always romantic and with our ground here too wet to commence Alpaca walking just yet (booked ones forwarded in the diary) we had a fantastic day at the Corn Hall on 13th Feb.

our new product lines flew out of the door and we took numerous bookings for walks once we reopen on April 1st … no, not a Fools. We respect the ground here as it has to work for everybody and be safe.

corn hall feb web 1